Wonderful Articles and Sites for Self Motivation

There is never a shortage of information on the web, with the topic of motivation as no exception.

Below are 30 articles and sites for motivation, so you will never be at a loss for ways to motivate yourself when you are feeling discouraged.

General Motivation

  1. Steve Pavlina – Motivation for Smart People (Sans Chest Pounding) – a great article on how to stay confident and motivated after coming up with a great idea
  2. Emory.edu – But They Did Not Give Up – this article offers inspiring little blurbs about famous and historical figures who faced setbacks but still achieved success through persistence
  3. Zen Habits – The Only Two Secrets to Motivating Yourself You’ll Ever Need – two great essential principles to live by to keep yourself motivated
  4. Think Simple Now – How to Achieve Anything – this article offers very interesting insight into examining why we don’t do something, and then changing these barriers within us
  5. Pick The Brain – How To Motivate Yourself – Self Motivation – interesting post on why we lose motivation and how to get it back through confidence and focus
  6. Steve Pavlina – Do It Now – fascinating article by Steve Pavlina who discusses how he accomplished outstanding scholastic achievements through motivation and focus
  7. Steve Pavlina – Overcoming Negative Emotions and Boosting Motivation – Steve discusses his use of motivational audio tapes to keep himself motivated
  8. Lifewithoutlimbs.org – this is Nick Vujicic’s website. He was born without limbs but constantly strives to get the most out of life
  9. Make It Great – this is a blog by Phil Gerbyshak, dedicated to leading a positive and optimistic life and improving relationships
  10. A List Apart – Staying Motivated – A List Apart is for web designers, but this post is applicable to everyone
  11. Lifehacker – Hack Attack: Sustaining motivation – a great lifehack on staying motivated
  12. Life Optimizer – Self Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself – another post offering some great tips on how to motivate yourself and let go of your past
  13. Get Rich Slowly – The Power of Yes: A Simple Way to Get More Out of Life – an interesting post about breaking out of your comfort zone
  14. Persistence Unlimited – The Top 50 Blogs That Will Unleash Your Motivation – a great resource for a ton of different sites related to motivation
  15. The Motivation Tool Chest – this site has a lot of different articles and tools for how to motivate yourself

Psychology of Motivation

  1. Stanford Magazine – The Effort Effect – a fascinating article about a study on motivation done at Stanford
  2. Valdosta.edu – Motivation to Learn: An Overview – some psychological principles behind motivation
  3. Wikipedia – Motivation – it can’t hurt to understand the basics of motivation itself, can it?

Motivational Tips and Tricks

  1. Zen Habits – Top 20 Motivation Hacks – An Overview – some great motivational hacks brought to you by Leo Babauta, author of Zen Habits
  2. Zen Habits – The Ultimate Guide to Motivation – How to Achieve Any Goal – Another Zen Habits post. Leo just really knows motivation!
  3. Lifehacker – Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret – an interesting technique comedian Jerry Seinfeld uses
  4. Pick The Brain – 21 Proven Motivation Tactics – here are some useful tactics for improving your motivation
  5. SFWA.org – 50 Strategies For Making Yourself Work – some interesting techniques for keeping yourself working and staying self-motivated
  6. Lifehack.org – Thirteen Tricks to Motivate Yourself – some more great tips to motivate yourself, brought to you by Lifehack.org
  7. Zen Habits – Get Off Your Butt: 16 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump – Leo offers some insightful ways to get yourself out of a slump
  8. Lifehack.org – 8 Tips to Create a Day to Recharge Your Motivation – some useful tips you can use to make time for yourself to recharge
  9. Lifehack.org – 8 Steps To Continuous Self-Motivation – these are some wonderful techniques for sustaining long-term motivation
  10. WE The Change – Top 31 Motivation Hacks – even more interesting and relevant tips to motivate yourself
  11. The Positivity Blog – 5 Things to Remain Positive About When All Hope is Gone – there is a lot of discouragement out there. Here is how to cope
  12. Betterlife-seeker – Five Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself – Better-life Seeker offers five interesting ways to ensure you are motivated

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